Graduate Assistantships/Associateships

At a Glance

Number Awarded
varies by academic unit
Amount Awarded
varies by academic unit
Application Period
varies by academic unit
By Application
Funding Type
Eligibility Category
Domestic Doctoral Students
International Doctoral Students
Domestic Master’s Students
International Master’s Students
Incoming Domestic Doctoral Students
Incoming Domestic Master’s Students
GIDP Students


Seeking Graduate Assistant and Graduate Associate (GA) positions at The University of Arizona? Please contact your proposed or current academic unit.  

There is not a central repository for graduate assistantships and associateships offered through the University of Arizona. The resource is decentralized with the majority of positions residing within the academic units. On occasion there may be a listing of opportunities through the UA Handshake database that lists internships and student positions

Policies governing graduate assistantships and associateships may be found at