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Graduate College Emergency Financial Hardship Funds

At a glance
Number Awarded: 
Depends on availability of funds
Amount Awarded: 
Up to $2,500 and dependent upon availability of funds. The award may be in the form of tuition and/or cash fellowship.
Application Period: 
Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters
Funding Type: 
Cash Award/Stipend
Tuition Award
By Application
Eligibility Category: 
Domestic Doctoral Students
Domestic Master’s Students

The Emergency Financial Hardship Funds offer support for domestic graduate degree-seeking students who are experiencing a catastrophic, exceptional and unexpected temporary financial difficulty or emergency that is impeding their degree completion in a timely manner. Priority will be given to those Master's or doctoral students who are within a semester or two of completing their degrees and those who show a significant hardship. Support may be in the form of tuition scholarships and/or cash awards. These funds will be only awarded in truly exceptional circumstances. Applicants are be asked to provide documentation, if available, of the unexpected hardship (example: eviction notice, overdue utility bills, unexpected medical bills, emergency car repairs - Please redact any medical condition or name of medication). Award amounts vary and will not exceed $2,500 and are dependent upon the availability of funds.


University of Arizona Master’s or Doctoral graduate students who:

  • Are U.S. citizens or permanent residents,
  • Are admitted to and enrolled in a Master’s or doctoral degree granting program on the University of Arizona Main, UA South or Phoenix campuses (UA Online, Certificate seeking only, JD and MD students are not eligible),
  • Have filed the FAFSA form for the academic year of request

Please upload redacted documentation supporting the emergency hardship funds if available.

  1. Fill out the Application for Graduate College Financial Hardship Funds form.
  2. Have your Director of Graduate Studies submit an email stating the following to Rachel Nielsen, Assistant Dean, Business and Finance, Graduate College:
    • That you are, at this point in time, considered a priority for financial assistance over other students in the program,
    • That you are making satisfactory progress toward the completion of your degree,
    • What the academic program or college are providing to help offset the hardship, and
    • Confirming that the academic unit has contacted their college dean’s office for support should the unit not have funds to support the hardship and what the college is providing to offset the hardship.

Questions may be addressed to Rachel Nielsen, Assistant Dean, Business and Finance, Graduate College