About Graduate Access Fellowships

The UA Graduate College's Graduate Access Fellowship is intended to broaden the access of U.S. students to graduate education and to promote the diversity of our graduate student body. Eligibility for these fellowships is restricted to incoming domestic graduate students who have shown academic achievement despite facing challenging social, economic or educational obstacles. Each fellowship provides up to $4,000 to students admitted to a Masters program, or $10,000 to those admitted to the PhD. The latter includes PhD-bound master's students in programs that require completion of the Master's before admission to the PhD, those pursuing an MFA requiring a minimum of 60 units, and those pursuing an MLA. Graduate Access Fellowships may be supplemented by other financial support provided by the academic program.

Prospective students may not apply directly. After a student completes the Eligibility Affidavit departments can nominate individuals who, in addition to academic merit, meet two or more of the following eligibility criteria:*

  1. Documented financial need as an undergraduate, e.g., Pell Grant eligibility, Work Study.

  2. First-generation student, i.e., having parents or guardians who have not earned a baccalaureate degree, or who did not earn one until the applicant was already in college.

  3. Other significant or serious challenges in gaining access to higher education or personal experiences with disadvantage.


Instructions for students:

If you are an eligible, incoming, domestic student and would like to be considered for this fellowship, please fill out the Eligibility Affidavit Form.  The Graduate College will forward your affidavit to your academic unit for consideration.


Instructions for departments:

If you are a department program coordinator or admissions officer and already have a Graduate Access Fellowship website account, please login to see further instructions. If you do not yet have an account, please have your Department Head or DGS contact us about authorizing your acount.

*Please note that this is a new requirement, instituted for incoming students in Fall 2013 given the popularity of this program.