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Past Graduate College Deans

Deans of the Graduate College

Name Dates Photo
Raymond J. Leonard 1934-1938 UA logo placeholder
Thomas G. Chapman 1938-1940 UA logo placeholder
Robert L. Nugent 1940-1945 UA logo placeholder
John F. Walker 1945-1947 UA logo placeholder
David L. Patrick 1947-1959 UA logo placeholder
Herbert D. Rhodes 1959-1977 Picture of Herbert Rhodes
Lee B. Jones 1977-1987 UA logo placeholder
Laurel L. Wilkening 1987-1989 Picture of Laurel Wilkening
Gail G. Harrison (acting) 1989-1991 Picture of Gail Harrison
Michael A. Cusanovich 1991-1993 Picture of Michael Cusanovich
Martha W. Gilliland 1993-1995 Picture of Martha Gilliland
Patricia D. Van Metre (interim) 1995-1997 UA logo placeholder
Thomas J. Hixon 1997-1998 Picture of Thomas Hixon
Dennis L. Jones (interim) 1999-1999 Picture of Dennis Jones
Gary E. Pivo 1999-2003 Picture of Gary Pivo
Thomas J. Hixon 2003-2005 Picture of Thomas Hixon
Leslie P. Tolbert (acting) 2005-2005 Picture of Leslie Tolbert
Andrew C. Comrie 2006-2012 Picture of Andrew Comrie
Andrew H. Carnie 2012-2022 Picture of Andrew Carnie
Kirsten Limesand 2023-present Picture of Kirsten Limesand
Last updated 11 Jan 2023