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Doctor of Audiology

The Au.D. program of study is designed to prepare students to meet the knowledge and skill areas required by the Audiology profession and its certifying organizations. The Au.D. requires a minimum of 54 credit hours of graduate-level course work in the areas of hearing science, audiology and communication disorders. A mandatory thesis research project requires a minimum of 9 credit hours of enrollment beyond the 54 core curriculum course work credits. In addition, up to 19 credit hours of supplementary seminars and workshops may be needed to fulfill the knowledge and skill requirements needed for professional certification. Up to 47 credit hours of practicum (including 28 credit hours for a clinical internship) may be taken to obtain the requisite clinical experience for certification. Therefore, a total of 152 credit hours may be required in a typical four-year Program of Study. Further information can be found on the Au.D. website and on the Graduate Program Descriptions website.

Last updated 4 Aug 2015