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Important Degree Dates and Deadlines

Timeline for Master's/Specialist Candidates

To see all required steps to earn your degree, please visit Steps To Your Degree.

Submit Masters/Specialist Plan of Study. There are fees associated with this form. Second semester in program or by your departmental deadline, if earlier.

Submit Master's/Specialist Committee Appointment Form in GradPath.

As soon as the Plan of Study has been approved. This form is required whether or not you formed a committee.

Completion of ALL degree requirements including comprehensive exam, coursework, submission of the final approved thesis for archiving, and any other departmental requirements.



Graduation Term Date
Summer 2019 17 August 2019
Fall 2019 20 December 2019
Winter 2019 15 January 2020
Spring 2020 15 May 2020

Timeline for Doctoral Candidates

To see all required steps to earn your degree, please visit Steps To Your Degree.

Submit Plan Of Study in GradPath. Generally by the 3rd semester in Residence, or your departmental deadline - if earlier.
Submit Comp Exam Committee Appointment Form in GradPath. As soon as you have determined who will serve on your committee, and before you begin the written comprehensive exams.
Submit Announcement of Doctoral Comprehensive Exam form in GradPath. The Announcement should be submitted before your oral exam once you set the date, time and room with your committee.  (Written and oral comprehensive exam results are reported together by the committee chair following the oral exam.)
Submit Announcement of Final Oral Defense in GradPath. At least ten (10) business days prior to the date of the Final Oral Examination. Submit the Announcement as soon as you set the date, time and room for your defense with the committee.
Complete the Final Oral Examination/Defense. This is the latest date recommended in order to meet the Dissertation* Submission deadline below.  Defending after this date leaves less time for final revisions before the submission can be made.
Graduation Term Date
Summer 2019 2 August 2019
Fall 2019 25 November 2019
Winter 2019 7 January 2020
Spring 2020 April 20 2020
Last day to Submit Dissertations* to the Graduate Student Academic Services Office.
* Dissertations or any other doctoral product such as DMA document or DNP project report.
Graduation Term Date
Summer 2019 16 August 2019
Fall 2019 9 December 2019
Winter 2019 14 January 2020
Spring 2020 4 May 2020


The University holds its Commencement ceremony once a year in May. Students graduating in August or December may be included in the Commencement Program in the preceding May by special request. Please contact your degree counselor to make the request.  Each college also holds a convocation ceremony each December and May to honor its graduates.  Information about Commencement and college convocations is available at

Each student's degree is posted to the student record once the Graduate College confirms that all degree requirements have been completed.  Once awarded, the degree information on the transcript will include the official degree award date for the graduation term as shown below:

Summer 2019 Saturday, August 17, 2019
Fall 2019 Friday, Dec 20, 2019
Winter 2019 Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Spring 2020 Friday, May 15, 2020
Last updated 30 Aug 2019