Graduate Coordinators' Guide for Reporting Master's/Specialist Completion

How to Process Completion Requests in GradPath:

  • In UAccess Administrator either: a) navigate to Main Menu > Academic Advisement > UA Graduate College Forms > UA Create Completion Request, OR b) Click on the Grad Coordinator dashboard, then click on the tile for "UA Create Completion Report"
    • You will be prompted there to either identify a Run Control ID you have used before, or to “Add a New Value” to specify a new one. The name of the Run Control ID can be anything you designate, as long as it does not include spaces*.
      • One suggestion based on experience: Once you set up a Run Control ID for a term, you will want to use that same Run Control ID again until you finish that list of students. The advantage is that when you re-open the same one, you will see the students in that list whom you have already reported as completed. (A new Run Control ID will bring back the full list of students, but will not note if you have already reported any as completed.)

                                  *The Run Control ID that you create can be based on a Plan, a Term, or Both – whatever combination works for you,
                                      e.g., PHDCHEM2124, ECEFALL12, YOURNAME124… (remember, no spaces)

  • With your Run Control ID selected or created, you will go to the next screen.
    • On this screen, the first thing you will do is specify the Term for which you want to see the students eligible to graduate.  (NOTE: Be sure to use the look-up function to find and select the term - simply typing the numbers will not work!) This allows you to still select a previous term if you have students you still need to report as having completed their requirements in a prior semester. 
    • Once you have selected the term, click the "Run" button in the upper right of your screen.
    • You may receive a message saying "No student has been selected to process". Click OK
    • Click OK in the bottom left of the screen to retutn
    • Click the “Fetch” button on the far, right of the screen to bring back the list of students eligible to graduate.
      • As a reminder, a student will appear in this list if:
        1. The student’s expected graduation term is the one you specified; and
        2. The student has an approved Plan of Study (in GradPath or on paper) and an approved GradPath Master’s Committee Appointment form.
  • For any student who completed all departmental requirements, you will
    • Check the “Complete” box and
    • Enter the date the student finished requirements.
      • **Be sure to enter or verify the date here** – it will default to the date you are doing this, so in most cases you will instead report an earlier date when the student finished everything.
        • Remember that the date must be no later than the posted deadline for completion of requirements in the graduation term.
    • After you have noted completion for all relevant students, you click the “Run” button at the top of the screen (NOT the “Save” button at the bottom).
  • On the next screen, it looks like you need to enter information, but instead you simply click OK.

The Master’s/Specialist Completion Confirmation form is now created for each student you reported as completed, and Degree Certification will receive a notification message so they can do the final audit of those students’ records to award their degrees.  You can check the UA All screen for students you have reported as completed to ensure you see the Master's/Specialist Completion Confirmation form there.