Instructions for Initiating a Graduate Faculty/ Special Member Request

Graduate Faculty and Special Members

Members of the graduate faculty have special privileges and obligations within graduate education, especially related to thesis, dissertation and other culminating capstone project committee roles and membership, as well as graduate student advising and mentorship.  The Graduate College, in coordination with the academic colleges and programs, oversees the criteria, processes, and procedures related to the granting, review, and in rare cases of unacceptable performance, the remediation or removal of graduate faculty membership to ensure the quality of graduate programs and delivery of graduate education.

The complete Graduate Faculty Policy.

Special Members are people who possess the knowledge and expertise to evaluate a student’s graduate work, but who do not meet the criteria to be added to the Graduate Faculty.

Forms and User Guides

Use the Graduate Faculty Decision Tree to determine how to add someone as a Graduate Faculty Member or Special Member. 

The following forms and User Guides are linked in the Graduate Faculty Decision Tree but are excerpted here should users need to reference them individually.  Note that Graduate Faculty requests and Special Member requests are all done through UAccess Employee or UAccess Student.  Users must have Graduate Coordinator or Graduate Student Academic Services security in order to initiate requests in UAccess Student Administrative. 

Please also note that a Graduate Faculty / DCC Graduate Faculty Request involves 2 steps: 

(1) Complete and get signatures on the Graduate Faculty Dean's Authorization form

(2) Complete and submit the Manager Self Service request with the completed Graduate Faculty Dean's Authorization form as an attachment. 

Approving Grad Faculty and Special Member Requests

Instructions on how to approve these forms.

Finding List of Grad Faculty

Use the UAccess Analytics Graduate Faculty Dashboard to find a list of Grad Faculty and Special members for your department, as well as a list of individuals with endorsement to chair.