MENTORS- Making Effective and Nurturing Training Opportunities for Research Students

April 4, 2024

For graduate students and their faculty mentors who are interested in advanced-level training, the Making Effective and Nurturing Training Opportunities for Research Students (MENTORS) Culturally Inclusive Training is offered as a 3-unit class through the Graduate College’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion. This class provides participants with the tools to participate holistically and authentically in culturally inclusive mentoring partnerships both as mentees and mentors. It also provides a theoretical framework for approaching mentoring in a culturally inclusive way and features evidence-based best practices. 

After completion participants will be able to: 

  • Explain sociological concepts such as cultural humility, privilege, positionality, oppression, bias, neurodiversity, ableism, structural inequality, and intersectionality.
  • Describe the impact of conscious and unconscious biases on teaching, learning, and mentoring relationships.
  • Analyze their own personal biases and determine ways to reduce their impact on the learning/mentoring environment.
  • Identify concrete steps to make their learning/mentoring environment more inclusive.
  • Describe microaggressions and their impact.
  • Identify concrete steps to interrupt and address microaggressions.
  • Describe various mentoring roles and the support they might offer.
  • Explain mentoring best practices.

These mentoring resources can add to your professional and leadership development.  We encourage you to take advantage of these offerings and hope you share them with colleagues. For more information please contact Dr. Celeste Atkins at