GradApp Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions about Graduate Admissions are listed separately.

To apply to separate programs or a dual degree program, you will have to submit two separate applications. However, you will not have to enter your personal information and previous schools more than once. This information is part of your profile, which gets submitted along with every application that you submit. You can work on multiple applications at the same time. On the menu at your left, under 'My Applications', click the 'Start a new application' link at any time to begin a new application. This will not affect the applications that you have already started.

  1. In GradApp, open the Admissions Console and choose the Configure Grad Application link to create or maintain your departmental questions (only be available to Faculty and Staff who hold the App Configuration role)
  2. Scroll down the page to Supplemental Questions then choose the Edit Supplemental Questions box and select Add New Question, then enter data and Save. When finished, you may Preview the question.
  3. When ready for use, you must click Activate for each question.
  4. Once you have established and activated your questions, contact Rhea Gowin, Director of Admissions. She will review the application then activate the questions in the live application system.
  • In GradApp, go to the Configure Grad Application link to create or maintain your Letters of Recommendation. (This link will only be available to Faculty and Staff with App Configuration role.)
  • After navigating to your program, click Edit Recommendation Settings.
  • Use the Number and Type dropdown boxes to indicate whether the Letters are Required or Requested and to indicate the number of letters needed.
  • Enter your instructions to both the Applicant and Recommender in their Instruction areas then Save Configuration.
  • When completed, contact Rhea Gowin, Director of Admissions. She will review the application then activate the Letters of Recommendation Module in the live application system.

In GradApp, choose Configure Grad Application, then the Edit Terms box to select terms to be opened. If no future terms are selected, prospective students will be unable to apply.

Access can be granted for most roles by filling out the GradApp Provisioning Request form. To be granted access, you will also be required to attend Graduate Admissions Basic Training provided by the Graduate College. Once the Basic Training course is completed, your Department Head or Director of Graduate Studies can submit the GradApp Provisioning Request form. The Graduate Coordinator can provision access for Review Committee members within GradApp.

You must also complete FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) training before attending training sessions and before any access can be granted to view student or applicant data in any University system. FERPA is a federal law that governs the rights of students and institutions responsibilities with respect to student records. You may complete the Registrar's Office FERPA training online. The course takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

In GradApp, under the Admissions Console, go to the Configure Grad Application link to create and manage your application (this is only available to Faculty and Staff who hold the App Configuration role).

When entering a previous school, major, start date, and end date are required fields and must be filled out, even if you did not earn a degree. If you did not have a major for a previous school, enter N/A or none.

You can try simplifying your search criteria. For example, try searching only for Arizona instead of University of Arizona in the school name field.

If you still cannot find your institution, it may not be in our database of known institutions. In that case, your search results will be followed by the following text: "If no institutions match your institution, please search again or add a school." The words "add a school" will be hyper-linked. You'll need to click the link, and you'll then be presented with a form to enter the information for that school. You'll need to fill out ALL fields for the school, including start and end dates, as well as degree date if you received a degree.

If you earned multiple degrees from a single institution, you must enter that school multiple times, each time with a single degree listed. If you earned one degree but had a double major, you can type both of your majors into the form.

Contact the Graduate College by sending an email to

If you're having technical difficulties, please include the answers to the following questions so that we can help you more quickly.

  • What Operating System are you using (Windows, Macintosh, Ubuntu, Red Hat, etc.)?
  • What web browser are you using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and what version?
  • What is the web page address (URL) you're accessing?
  • If you see any error messages, what do they say?
  1. If you are uncertain about your password, you might consider resetting it by clicking the Forgot your password? link under the login form.
  2. If you originally created your account automatically by logging in with your UA NetID, or if you converted your account to use UA NetID after submitting an application, then use the WebAuth link to login.
  3. It may be that your browser is having trouble storing your login session. Please try a few things:
    1. Make sure your computer's date and time are set correctly, as an incorrect setting can interfere with your browser's ability to store your authenticated session.
    2. If your computer's date and time are correct, try clearing your browser cache.
    3. If, after clearing your cache you are still unable to login, please try clearing your cookies. This will expire any logins you have to other websites (if you've checked "remember me" on websites like Facebook or Gmail, for instance).
    4. If you're still not able to login, please check your web browser settings and verify that cookies are enabled.
    5. Try logging in with a different browser.  (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.)
    6. Finally, it may be that your internet service provider is using a proxy that is interfering with your ability to save your login session. If this is the case, it would be worth trying again from a computer at another location, such as at a public institution, library, or university as these are often setup without proxy-related restrictions.
  4. If you have been asked to provide a Letter of Recommendation for an applicant to one of our graduate programs, please be certain you are trying to login to the Letter of Recommendation module rather than the main GradApp user interface.

If you're attempting to attach/upload one or more documents that were requested by the department, please keep in mind that our system does not allow single files larger than 2 megabytes in size to be uploaded.

Many programs require you to submit an additional application to the department that administers the program. Be sure to contact the department to make sure that you are fullfilling all of the application requirements.

If a program has only temporarily stopped accepting applications, we recommend simply removing all available Terms in the Application Configuration section of GradApp.

If the program has changed names, a new Program (ie. Academic Plan) will have been created in UAccess by Curricular Affairs. The Graduate College can disable the old program so that it is not displayed to applicants in GradApp. Once the old program no longer has any enrolled students, it can also be disabled so that it is no longer listed on the Program Descriptions website.

While we're not able to provide a live demonstration of the post-submit Applicant interface, we have put together this series of screenshots to help you understand what an applicant can see in GradApp after submitting their application.

To guarantee that you receive the email that will be sent to you, you should configure your email program to accept all emails from If you do not know how to do that and you don't receive your email within a few minutes after submitting the form, be sure to check that it hasn't been put in your SPAM or JUNK folder.

We have received occasional reports of emails from our system not being delivered by overseas mail servers. In all cases, this has been the result of the configuration of the receiving networks and, unfortunately, not in our power to remedy.