International Admission Types



International Conditional Admission

Conditional Admission is a departmental promise of future admission for international students who have met all Graduate College requirements except the English proficiency requirement.  Check our Graduate Admissions Guide to see which departments consider applicants for Conditional Admission.

Helpful Facts regarding Conditional Admission:

  • Conditionally admitted students may attend the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) English training course, and upon successful completion, can achieve an English Language Endorsement or may submit acceptable English proficiency test scores before final degree admission can be granted. 
  • Students must apply to and enroll at CESL at their own or their sponsor's expense, and must submit an English Language Endorsement to the Graduate College within one year of the Conditional Admission term. 
  • If English proficiency is not achieved within one year of the Conditional Admission term, the applicant must re-apply to the Graduate College.
  • Once English requirements have been met, the graduate department will adjust the official admission term to the degree program.
  • Conditionally admitted students are not permitted to enroll in degree courses until English proficiency is met and formal degree admission is granted.
  • There are no exceptions to meeting the minimum English requirement. 

Visa Information for Conditional students

The student's initial I-20 or DS-2019 will be generated by CESL.  At the time of formal admission into the Graduate College, students will receive an email from International Student Services (ISS) with instructions on how to request an I-20.  The student's I-20 record must be transferred from CESL to the University of Arizona before a new I-20 can be issued.  

Further information on The Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) can be found on their website at

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International Exchange Programs

The University of Arizona has Memorandums of Agreement with various universities around the world. One component of these agreements is the exchange of students. The Exchange program allows students to engage in graduate level coursework and, possibly, transfer the coursework back to their home university.  Memorandums of Agreement carry a clause that waives non-resident tuition fees.

Students are selected to participate in the exchange program by their home country university and are identified as exchange participants by the Study Abroad & Student Exchange (SASE) office at the University of Arizona.

The Graduate College, Exchange Application process is as follows:

  1. Applicants must submit an Exchange application with the SASE office and a Graduate College Exchange application to the Graduate College.
  2. Prospective Exchange students must contact the Study Abroad & Student Exchange office to verify eligibility.
  3. Check the Graduate Admission Requirements.
  4. Check individual departmental requirements in our Graduate Admissions Guide.  Some departmental admission requirements may exceed Graduate College minimum requirements.
  5. Exchange Applicants must obtain a Graduate Exchange Authorization code from SASE to gain access to the Graduate College Exchange application. 
  6. Apply to the Graduate College (Choose Graduate Exchange and enter code when prompted.)
  7. Work closely with the SASE office and the intended department’s Graduate Coordinator.
  8. Recommendations for admission are made by the department(s) and timelines vary.  Final evaluation and the official notification of admission will come from the Graduate College.
  9. After admission, students will work with International Student Services regarding DS-2019 visa documentation.

Universities interested in establishing an exchange program, please contact the Study Abroad and Student Exchange office.

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International Non-Degree Seeking

  • Please verify your visa eligibility with International Student Services at before applying.  The application fee is non-refundable and will not be refunded if your visa status is not eligible.
  • International applicants to the Main campus must currently hold a US visa that permits incidental study.
  • International applicants to the Arizona Online campus must meet visa eligibility requirements if residing in the United States.
  • International applicants to an Arizona International Direct campus or Arizona International Microcampus must reside outside of the United States.  
  • Applicants must meet all Graduate College minimum admission requirements, including English proficiency.
  • Applicants should be prepared to submit copies of their visa documents, additional transcripts, or degree documentation if requested.
  • University of Arizona regulations require that all international students on non-immigrant visas carry the University of Arizona student health insurance plan.

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