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Late Charges

Late Charges

A student who fails to complete payment of all fees prior to the due date will be assessed a non-refundable late payment charge. Students with unpaid registration fees, or who increase units after the 21st day of the Fall or Spring semesters will be charged a mandatory, non-subsidized late registration charge. Late charges are assessed by the Bursar's Office.

Delinquent Obligations

Students with delinquent obligations shall not be allowed to register for classes, receive cash refunds, or obtain transcripts, diplomas, or a certificate of degree. The University may allow students to register for classes, obtain transcripts, diplomas, or certificate of degree if the delinquent obligation is $25 or less. Unpaid obligations will remain a matter of record until students and former students satisfy their financial obligations or until satisfactory arrangements for repayment are made with the university. The University may write off delinquent financial obligations for students according to accepted accounting principles and after appropriate collection efforts. No such write-off will relieve the student for liability for the obligation or entitle the student to release of any transcript, diploma, or certificate of degree, or to register for further university classes until such obligation is actually paid.

Last updated 25 Mar 2015