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Program Changes

The list below shows when students may use the Change of Program Form and when they go through Graduate Admissions. Acceptance is not guaranteed and the Change of Program Form requires program approval.

Application(s) with fee:

  • Never enrolled as a UA graduate student
  • Changing from one major to another major
  • Non-degree student applying to a degree
  • Adding an additional degree
  • Certificate-only student adding another certificate
  • Applying to multiple programs
  • Applying to dual degree program
  • Changing from a master's degree to a doctoral degree
  • Previously been enrolled in a graduate program, but have had a break in enrollment of at least one semester (summer sessions excepted)

Application with no fee:

  • Adding a Certificate

Change of Program Form:

  • Adding a master's degree to a doctoral degree in the same program 
  • Changing from doctoral to master's in the same program
  • Changing subplans or concentrations
Last updated 29 Feb 2016