Serves as point-of-contact for the Graduate College and related communications. 

It is important to have a contact person for Graduate College communications.  The Graduate College uses GradPath authorized users as a resource for whom to contact in the various departments and programs.  Please assure that GradPath information for your department and programs is correct.  If changes are needed please contact your degree counselor as soon as possible.  Changes in the Faculty Committee Members access to GradApp may be made directly in the GradApp system by the authorized users, typically the department faculty or staff with DGS and/or Grad Coordinator duties.  Initial provisioning for GradApp or changes to permissions can be accessed through GradApp Provisioning Request.

Many communications require the transmission of various forms.  While many forms are now available online through GradPath, some forms are still done outside this system.  Access to these forms can be gained by logging in and selecting the appropriate form from Graduate College Forms pages for Graduate Student Academic Services Forms, Financial Forms, and Diversity Programs Forms.

Last updated 17 Mar 2015