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Extension of Time to Complete Degree

Leave of Absences

The Graduate College offers all students the option of a Leave of Absence for up to one year for academic, medical or personal reasons. Normally such leaves do not extend the time to degree. A student requesting an unpaid Leave of Absence due to responsibility for a newborn, adopted, or foster child or to care for the serious illness of a child may, however, request an extension of not more than one year for Time to Degree. The request for an extension of time to degree should be made with the Graduate Petition. Students on a regular Leave of Absence are not enrolled in classes and may not hold an Assistantship; they are therefore ineligible for a paid Parental Leave while on a regular Leave of Absence. Graduate Assistants who have received a paid Parental Leave maintain their eligibility for a regular, unpaid Leave of Absence in the future.

Extension of Time to Degree

Doctoral students who do not finish their degrees within 5 years of passing their comprehensive examinations will be required to re-take their exams. Master's students whose coursework is more than 6 years old may need to take additional coursework. In either case, students must petition for an extension of time to degree.

Last updated 4 May 2018