Accelerated Master's Programs (AMP)

The Graduate College offers exceptional undergraduate students in selected majors the opportunity to earn both a bachelor's degree and master's degree in as few as 5 years. The Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) is for the top undergraduates in participating majors who plan to continue in a graduate program in the same, or closely related, UA discipline.

If you are a University of Arizona undergraduate student interested in this option, please visit the University Catalog to see if your major has an AMP program for you.  Additional program details are listed in the Program Requirements tab under the Subplan menu item.  Applicants must work with the Graduate Program Coordinator and gain permission to apply to their AMP program using an AMP Authorization code (an application fee applies).  Students accepted into an AMP will be conditionally admitted and allowed to register for graduate classes while maintaining their Undergraduate status.  When nearing completion of the undergraduate degree, AMP students must submit a simplified application for admission to the Master's program.  The second application fee is automatically waived for conditionally admitted AMP students.

The Graduate College has established minimum AMP admission requirements.  Interested students should verify departmental requirements as they may have additional or more stringent requirements than the Graduate College minimum requirements.

Undergraduates should become familiar with the general AMP degree and tuition policies prior to applying to the Graduate College.