Official Transcripts

GradApp transcript requirements

The GradApp system requires all applicants to upload unofficial versions of transcripts from all institutions they have attended.  This helps to speed the review process and allows members of review committees to view admissions documents from anywhere in the world.  Note that all uploaded transcripts are considered unofficial and official versions will be required by the Graduate College. 

Electronic Transcripts

E-Transcripts are considered official if sent directly from the institution or transcript service to either University of Arizona department personnel or the Graduate College transcripts inbox at  If received by the department, please forward the email (and passcode email if applicable) to the inbox.  PDF is the required delivery format.  Electronic transcripts that require the use of an .exe file to open will not be accepted and an alternate delivery method must be chosen. 

Departmental transcript requirements

The admission process in the Graduate College operates more quickly and efficiently when official transcripts are received from the department immediately after a formal recommendation is made in GradApp.  Some departments request that applicants submit official transcripts to them before application review can begin.  Other departments choose to require official transcripts only from applicants whom they have officially recommended.  Either way, we request that official transcripts of recommended applicants be sent to us within 24 hours after your formal recommendation. 

Transcript Information Page (TIP)

The Transcript Information Page (TIP) should be printed and attached to any official paper transcripts to be delivered to our office.  The TIP page lists identifying student information with names and dates of attendance from all institutions.  The TIP page is found in the Decision module of GradApp.  Simply print the page, attach official documents, and deliver to the Graduate College within 24 hours of your formal recommendation.

“Subject To” Admission

If the Graduate College does not have official transcripts, two admission scenarios can occur using either in-progress or unofficial documents from GradApp.  “Subject To” admission allows the student to submit required official documents to our office at a later date.  Students are notified of this status via email and it is clearly stated on their Certificate of Admission.  Both the email and Certificate of Admission will list the specific official documents that must be submitted to our office within 30 days after the first day of classes.  Failure to submit the required documents will result in students being restricted from registration for their second semester.  The “Subject To” types are:

  1. A student who is In-Progress on their admissible degree.
    • Domestic students must provide official final transcripts with the degree posted.
    • International students must provide final transcripts and a degree/diploma certificate, if not officially posted on their transcript.  All international documents must be translated into English.
  2. A student who has provided complete but unofficial transcripts reflecting the awarding of their admissible degree in GradApp.
    • If sufficient documentation exists to complete admission, the Graduate College will admit the student using the unofficial record.


“Subject To” students must provide all required official documents to our office within 30 days after the first day of classes.