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Faculty Reviewer Tips

Quick tips for Faculty Reviewers:

  1. Login to GradApp to locate files

  2. Use Filters, Bookmarks, and Sorting options

  3. Use Featured Supplemental Questions

  4. Review process

Use the Reviewer Reference Guide in GradApp to find more detailed information and examples on best use of the application Review module. 

1.  How to Login to GradApp:

a.  Go to

b.  Open the Admissions Console and choose Review Applications

c.  Choose the appropriate Plan/Degree to view applicants

2.  Filters, Bookmarks, and Sorting options:

a.  The current review term will be the default setting.  (To review a different term or criteria choose from the “Create a Filter” dropdown, then choose Apply Filter.)

b.  Use the Bookmark iconon the top right of the page after you apply a filter.  You can name the page and quickly refer to it later using the Bookmarks link.

c.  You can sort applications by clicking on a column heading.  This will alphabetize/order applicants based on that columns criteria.  Any plan, and those with 500 or more applications, may also manage and sort data using the CSV/JSON download options.

3.  Supplemental Questions:

a.  Departments may use Featured Supplemental Questions to add custom chosen data to their Review Applications list.  Making a question Featured will allow those applicant responses to display in a new column in the Review Applications list.  To configure a Featured Question, the program coordinator (or other personnel provisioned with Application Configuration permissions), may simply edit the desired Supplemental Questions (or add a new one) and check the Use as Featured Question? configuration box.  Only Upload, Short Text, and Dropdown/Checkbox question types may be used as Featured Questions.  More information can be found in the Supplemental Questions section of the App Configuration Guide.

4.  Review Process:

a.  Click on an applicant name to begin your review.  All uploaded transcripts, answers to departmental questions, and letters of recommendation will be available here.

b.  After your review, answer departmental review questions in the Admissions Review Committee section at the bottom of the page.  Choose “Add or Edit your feedback” to open the questions.  If the “Add or Edit your feedback” link is not seen, then no departmental review questions exist.  You can also quickly access the departmental review questions by clicking on the icon in the Feedback column.  Hovering over this icon will also indicate your progress on the number of questions answered (ex. 1 of 5).  

c.  A green check mark will appear by the applicant's name when all review questions are completed.



Last updated 9 Jul 2019