International Deadlines

The Graduate College allows each department to set their own application submission deadlines.  However, international students planning to attend on Main campus need ample time to complete their financial guarantee requirements in order to make consular appointments and travel arrangements to arrive here in a timely manner.  Therefore, departments are asked to enter all international recommendations in GradApp as early as possible to allow the Graduate Admissions office and International Student Services (ISS) time for processing.  Students will be sent an email after admission referring them to ISS who will be handling issuance of all immigration documents.

International students admitted to Arizona Global Direct campus, Global Microcampus, or the Arizona Online campus will be classified as Distance Learners.  Since no immigration documents (I-20) are needed for Distance Learners, they are not subject to the recommendation deadlines below.

International student recommendation deadlines (Main Campus):

Fall semester:

  • Recommend in GradApp by June 1

Spring semester:

  • Recommend in GradApp by October 1

Summer Semester I:

  • Recommend in GradApp by April 1

Summer Semester II:

  • Recommend in GradApp by May 1

Funding and Passport documents will be requested after formal admission is granted.

Transfer Students are included in the above deadlines although their I-20 visa documents cannot be issued until their current institution releases their SEVIS record to the University of Arizona.

Please Note:  Enter your admissions recommendation decisions as early as possible.  The earlier the Graduate College receives the recommendation, the more time students have to process needed paperwork.  If any departmental funding will be awarded, the student will need to provide the email address of the Graduate Coordinator.  This data will prompt an email to the Graduate Coordinator requesting they complete and upload a GISAL form in MyGlobal.