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International Deadlines

The Graduate College allows each department to set their own application submission deadlines.  However, international students need ample time to complete their financial guarantee requirements in order to make consular appointments and travel arrangements so they may arrive here in a timely manner.  Therefore, departments are asked to enter all international recommendations in GradApp by the following deadlines.  Once students are admitted, they must still provide proof of funding by the visa document issuing deadlines below so our office can issue I-20 paperwork.

International student recommendation deadlines:

Fall semester:

  • Recommend in GradApp by June 1

  • I-20 issuing deadline is June 15 (Proof of funding should be received two weeks prior to issuing deadline)

Spring semester:

  • Recommend in GradApp by October 1

  • I-20 issuing deadline is October 15 (Proof of funding should be received two weeks prior to issuing deadline)

Summer Semester I:

  • Recommend in GradApp by April 1

  • I-20 issuing deadline is April 15 (Proof of funding should be received two weeks prior to issuing deadline)

Summer Semester II:

  • Recommend in GradApp by May 1

  • I-20 issuing deadline is May 15 (Proof of funding should be received two weeks prior to issuing deadline)

Funding and Passport documents will be requested from the student after formal admission is granted.

Transfer Students are included in the above deadlines although their I-20 visa documents cannot be issued until their current institution releases their SEVIS record to the University of Arizona.

Please Note:  Enter your admissions recommendation decisions as early as possible.  The earlier the Graduate College receives the recommendation, the more time students have to process needed paperwork.  After international students are admitted, they will be responsible for notifying us if they are receiving departmental funding.  This will prompt an email to be sent to Graduate Coordinators requesting they complete a GISAL form in UA International. 



Last updated 22 Oct 2019