Test Scores

The University of Arizona’s Institution Code is 4832 and is chosen upon registration for tests such as the TOEFL or GRE.  Typically within two weeks of the test date, score results are sent electronically to the university.  After an application is submitted, our system will attempt daily to match received scores to a UAccess or GradApp record.

If an applicant’s test result name does not match perfectly with their application name and data, the scores will not match or display.  Applicants may indicate to departments that scores have been sent.  If they are not seen in their application record, search in UAccess using the Constituent Staging or External Test Score Suspense pages.

Finding the student and their name variations is not always easy.  We recommend you ask the student for a screenshot of their test registration information page in order to compare the names.  If that is not available, search using each name in various positions for best results.  Once a potential match is found, use the identifying information in the data tabs to verify you have the correct student.  After research, if you are confident this is the correct record to be matched, please send gradadmissions@grad.arizona.edu a request to match the scores to the application.  Once matched, the scores should appear in GradApp and the UAccess UA Application Summary page within 24-48 hours.

General Test Score Information

GRE is not a Graduate College requirement, but it may be a departmental requirement. Check our Programs of Study.   

More information on minimum English proficiency scores can be found in our Requirements for International Applicants.