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International and Financial Guarantee Information

The international visa process begins immediately after admission and is completely separate from the admission process.   Please hold any financial guarantee information in your department until the applicant has been recommended.  Visa and financial guarantee questions may be sent to our Visa Section at

Visa process review:   

  1. After official Graduate College admission, the Visa Section will communicate with the student regarding their Financial Guarantee status.  Students will receive an email directing them to login to UA International where they will verify their name and address information, upload their passport, funding documents, declaration of support (if sponsored by family or friend), and identify dependents, if applicable.  

  2. If departmental funding is awarded, it is imperative that the department complete a GISAL form.  An electronic pdf copy of the GISAL form should be sent to the student to use to upload into UA International.  The original GISAL form should be delivered to the Graduate College immediately after the student has been recommended.

  3. After all uploads are complete and acceptable, most I-20 visa documents are prepared in the Graduate College.  When ready for mailing, the Visa Section will email the student (and copy the department) to notify them that their admission packet is ready for express mailing through the eShipGlobal website at

  4. Students must then register with eShipGlobal where they will enter their home country address information, choose their express mail provider (FedEx, UPS, or DHL), and make payment for their package delivery.  Completion of this process prompts a shipping label and pick-up notification in the Graduate College where we will release the package to the chosen shipping company. 

  5. The student will be required to present their I-20 form, original financial documents, and any other supporting documents to the United States Consular officials at their visa appointment.  If the I-20 visa appointment is successful, they will receive an F1 student visa to travel to the United States.  If a DS-2019 document is issued, then they will obtain a J1 student visa.

Financial Guarantee form

The Financial Guarantee form lists valuable information regarding acceptable forms of funding sources, amounts required for dependents, program fees, sponsor information, etc.

Funding combinations

Note that any combination of personal, private, family, or departmental funding can be used to satisfy the financial guarantee requirement.  If private funding is used to obtain an I-20 and department or sponsor information becomes available later, the Visa Section will not re-issue the I-20 with the new funding source.  Rather, the student should present any additional new financial information to the consular office at their visa appointment.

GISAL form

If a department is funding a student in any way (Teaching or Research Assistant, Fellowship, Scholarship, etc.) a GISAL (Graduate International Student Award Letter) is required.  More information and samples of how to complete a GISAL form are located on the Admissions Forms page on our website.  Immediately after the student has been recommended, send an electronic pdf copy of the GISAL form to the student to use to upload into UA International and deliver the original GISAL form to the Graduate College.

Mandatory International Orientation

New international students are required to register for and attend the International Student Services (ISS) 2-day orientation program before registering for classes. Registration and more information is available on the ISS website. The ISS Orientation is separate from the GPSC Graduate Orientation.

International students beginning in the Summer session are subject to additional summer fees listed on the Financial Guarantee form.  They must arrive at least 3 business days prior to their session start date, and must check-in with their immigration documents at the ISS office before registering for classes.


Last updated 7 Sep 2017