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International, Financial Guarantee, and GISAL Information

The international visa process begins immediately after admission and is completely separate from the admission process.   Students will be directed via email to login to MyGlobal to access the New Graduate Students page  where International Student Services will assist with the I-20 request process.  Travel or I-20 related questions for new international students can be directed to  

Visa process review:   

  1. After official admission, an email will be sent to the student with instructions on how to request an I-20 form.  This email is viewable to departments on the student's timeline in GradSlate.  If a student is requesting an I-20, they will be directed to create an account in MyGlobal where they will enter personal information, upload their passport, funding documents, declaration of support (if sponsored by family or friend), and identify dependents, if applicable.    

  2. If departmental funding is awarded, a GISAL will be required (see below.)   The student will be asked to provide MyGlobal with the name and email address of the person who will be preparing the GISAL. This information will prompt an email to be sent to the GISAL contact with a fillable form and a unique link to MyGlobal where the completed form can be uploaded.  It is very important that the department give the student accurate contact information about who will prepare the GISAL.

  3. The student will be required to present their I-20 form, financial documents including their printed GISAL form, and any other supporting documents to the United States Consular officials at their visa appointment.  If the I-20 visa appointment is successful, they will receive an F1 student visa to study in the United States.  

Financial Guarantee worksheet

Review the financial guarantee requirement to determine the amount of funding you will be required to show for your request. 

Funding combinations

Note that any combination of personal, private, family, or departmental funding can be used to satisfy the financial guarantee requirement.  If private funding is used to obtain an I-20 and department or sponsor funding becomes available later, a corrected I-20 form will not be issued with the new funding source.  Rather, the student should present any additional new financial information to the consular office at their visa appointment.

GISAL form

A GISAL is a Graduate International Student Award Letter that officially notifies International Student Services, the U.S. Consulate, and the Social Security Administration of any departmental funding you are awarding to international students.  A GISAL can only be completed after admission for an international student who is being offered departmental funding and only after you have received an official GISAL upload request from MyGlobal.  Any type of departmental funding (Teaching or Research Assistant, Fellowship, Scholarship, etc.) requires a GISAL form and the form should be completed by the department providing funding.   

GISAL Process: 

  1. Provide the student with the name and email of the person who will be preparing the GISAL. (It is critical that the department give the student accurate contact information about who will prepare the form.)
  2. The named contact will be sent an instructional email with a blank GISAL form and a link to upload the form in MyGlobal.
  3. The GISAL form calculates the total funding for you.  Please inform the student of the total amount being awarded by the department.  If the student is not fully funded, they will be required to upload proof of additional funding to meet the total requirement.  (See the financial guarantee requirement page to determine funding amounts)

Please enter all the required data (including the FTE dropdown box, if applicable), sign the form electronically, and save as a pdf to upload.  The student should print the form for use at their U.S. Consular visa appointment and their Social Security Administration appointment.

Mandatory International Orientation

All new international graduate and professional students have two options for satisfying Orientation and Check-in requirements.  These requirements can be found under New Students on the International Student Services website.  You will not be able to register for classes until these requirements have been completed.

International students beginning in a Summer session are subject to additional summer fees.  Use the financial guarantee requirement page to determine funding amounts.


Last updated 7 Mar 2022