Admission Status

Below are some best practices and tips on how to review the admission status of a student in UAccess and in GradApp. 

Application Payment and Edits

An application will only appear in UAccess after an applicant has paid their application fee and has chosen to submit the application in GradApp.  Once an application has been submitted, no edits can be made to their data.  However, Coordinators can electronically attach new documents to the file in GradApp using the Supplemental Documents section.


The UA Application Summary page is the most valuable admissions page in UAccess for Admission Status information.  It is most helpful after a recommendation has been made.  GradApp can provide some details regarding UAccess information, such as the list of UAccess Communications, however, the UA Application Summary page provides the most comprehensive information about a student’s admission status and timeline.

UA Application Summary page review:

Program Action History section:  Shows the most current file status.  Actions include:

  • APPL (Application) = If this is the only row, then no decision has been entered by the department.  The Application Checklist will not be completed until a decision is entered by the department and the file has been worked by an Admissions Specialist.

  • DATA (Data Change) = Indicates action that has been taken on the file.  Common reasons include: 

    • Grad, Positive Recommendation = Departmental recommendation was entered.

    • Grad Hold, Specialist Name = Lists the specific Admissions Specialist working the file

    • Grad Hold, PR Central = Further documents are required.  Applicant is notified via email and file will await receipt of missing documents.

  • ADMT (Admit) = Student has been admitted.  Description will include whether the status is Complete, Subject-To, Conditional, or AMP.

  • DEIN (Declare Intent to Matriculate) = Student has accepted their admission offer in GradApp but auto-matriculation by the Registrar's office has not yet occured.  If student accepts admission after the first day of classes, contact the Graduate College. 

  • MATR (Matriculation) = UAccess record is ready for registration pending clearance of any Service Indicators (ex. Campus Health or International Orientation.)

Notes section

  • App Notes = provides specific information regarding evaluation or admission.

Checklists section

The ideal Checklist will contain “Completed” in all the rows of the Status column.  Other Status fields include In-Progress, Waived, and Received.  The final official versions of all items marked as “Required,” “In-Progress,” or “Received” must be submitted.  “Received” indicates we have received a document, but for various reasons it did not meet our final requirements. 

Checklists can also be viewed in GradApp.  Click on “View UAccess Checklist” in the student’s application to display.

Grad College Application checklist requirements:

  • GPA with final calculation and notes will appear in the Name column.

  • Official transcripts and Degree with institution name will be listed in the Name column.

  • English Proficiency will include test type and score in the Name column.

Communication Summary section

Admissions communications are sent and are viewable to departments on the student's Timeline in the GradSlate system.  A link to GradSlate can also be found in GradApp under the View Admissions Communications link within the student application.  

The Graduate College sends a received application email to all applicants, an email notification when a departmental decision has been entered, and an email regarding admission the same day the admission occurs.